Juggling Stress

eliz-greene-jugglingStress Management for Busy Women

How do you manage a busy life and stay sane?

 “You were talking about me!”
University of Wisconsin School of Business

Are you going through life, at 90 miles-per-hour, with seven balls in the air — just hoping you’ll be able to juggle the eighth just as well?

Juggling Stress: Busy Woman’s Guide to sanity and health is a humorous and information packed program illuminating how women’s strength lies in our ability to juggle our many responsibilities, but our health lies in our ability to juggle well. Using props and engaging stories to drive home her point, Eliz gets your audience up, on their feet and excited about setting priorities and making choices.

book heart attack survivor womens wellness keynote speaker Eliz Greene for your event

Eliz shares her experiences as a heart attack-survivor and a caregiver for her father and her father-in-law during their battles with cancer and strategies for daily stress management and for dealing with unexpected challenges.

Through humorous and touching personal stories and interactive fun, Eliz creates a program to fit your organization. Based on the needs of your group and the time allowed, participants may have the opportunity to:

  • Identify how how the uniquely female ability to juggle our many demands impacts our health and passion..
  • Utilize a quiz to evaluate stress management skills.
  • Practice actionable strategies to maintain wellness.
  • Learn five down-to-earth stress management techniques.
  • Develop a plan to implement at least one strategy to reduce stress.



Perfect for:

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