Healthcare Provider Education Programs

Get a peak into the world of women living with heart disease…

Often healthcare providers are unaware of the unique challenges women face when dealing with the interventions, medications and treatments for heart disease — mostly because women don’t talk about them with their physicians or nurses.

Drawing on personal experience and hundreds of hours of interviews with female heart patients, Eliz provides the Patient’s Perspective on Women Living with Heart Disease.

book heart attack survivor womens wellness keynote speaker Eliz Greene for your event


Our healthcare provider programs are always:

  • Implementable: By understanding the Patient’s Perspective healthcare providers can improve patient care and compliance.
  • Approachable. Eliz’s charismatic style filled with humorous and touching personal stories sets participants at ease and allows information to flow without threatening egos.
  • Inspriational. Healthcare providers often go un-thanked, and rarely get to see the end result of their efforts. Eliz reminds them why they do what they do.
  • Scalable. Programs to fit your time and needs from a physicians dinner, to a nurses week event, to health symposium.
  • Extendable: Participants have access to the on-line Patient’s Perspective resource and can arrange to provide these resources to their patients.

Eliz tailors the program to fit your organization. Based on the needs of your group and the time allowed, The Patient’s Perspective may include the opportunity for participants to:

  • Identify six things every woman should know before she has heart surgery.
  • Practice four simple strategies to improve communication, and increase patient confidence and compliance.
  • Understand the benefit of research and the adoption of new technology.
  • Learn the hidden challenges facing women with heart disease.
  • Prepare messages in real language (not “doctor-speak”) to educate the community, inspire funding, and increase confidence.

Visit our Patient’s Perspective resource section.

Our programs are a great fit for:

Cardiologists|Cardiothoracic Surgeons|Medical Students|Referring Physicians|Nurse Educators|Nurse Practitioners|Others treating women after heart surgery, stroke, or cardiovascular disease diagnosis|Surgeons|Operating Room Staff|Hospital Management

Contact us to design a program to fit your needs.