Well At Work


Simple Daily Strategies to Feel Better and Get More Done

We spend most of our time at work. Saving wellness strategies for home doesn’t usually work.

Discover simple, down-to-earth strategies that fit into your already busy day.

You don’t have to change everything.  Wellness expert and heart attack survivor Eliz Greene shares simple daily habits which can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize effects of stress
  • Improve heart health
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Limit health care expenses

Eliz’s style is encouraging, entertaining, and inspirational. Learn, laugh, and maybe even dance a little!

iStock_000019139109_DoubleThe Heart of Wellness is a science-based program that anyone—sedentary or fit—can use to improve long-term well being. Designed as an employee wellness program, it complements Eliz’s Workplace Wellness keynote and workshop.

Connect simple, achievable daily habits with the motivation to be healthier, and real change becomes possible.

The program hosted by Avanoo delivers 30 easy days of inspiring stories, thought-provoking, lessons, down-to-earth activities, and daily intentions to discover your personal healthy lifestyle.

In just 3 minutes a day, employees will learn how to do:iStock_000020828583_XXXLarge

  • Spark motivations for getting and staying healthy
  • Choose and use simple, research-based health habits
  • Integrate movement, food, sleep, and medical care for optimum wellness
  • Connect with others to create health accountability
  • Give your heart its best chance to thrive

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