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Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Heart

Cover image for Busy Woman's Guide to a Healthy HeartIf you knew doing one thing could make your heart more healthy, would you do it?

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Get the newest tool to help you find and maintain a heart healthy lifestyle. Start on your path to living longer and feeling better today! Learn more…


Busy Woman’s Guide to an Active Lifestyle

Busy Woman's Guide to an Active LifestyleAn active lifestyle doesn’t mean a daily trip to the gym!

Download your copy of this E-book today and discover down-to-earth strategies to move more and feel better every day. Learn more…


Passion For Life

Are you too busy managing the details of your life to really live it?

In Passion For Life discover ways to bring balance and fulfillment to your life every day.  Using her inspiring tale of surviving a heart attack while seven months pregnant with twins and other personal stories, author Eliz Greene illustrates down-to-earth strategies to find your own passion.

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